Massage & Pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes. For many women, this time is affected by various stresses both physical and emotional.  Massage Therapy is a natural solution for reducing stress and achieving an overall sense of well-being during pregnacy and postpartum.

Post-Natal Massage Therapy

Post-natal massage helps to reduce muscle tension and fatigue and addresses the physical strain that results from carrying and caring for a newborn.  Treatments decrease muscular pain associated with breastfeeding and poor posture and reduces scar tissue formation after a c-section.  Our RMT’s will help you rehabilitate muscular imbalances and weaknesses that result from pregnancy.

Maternity Massage Pillow

Our maternity massage pillow sits comfortably on top of the massage table and allows the expecting mother to lay comfortably face down at any stage of pregnancy. As well, it allows a mother who has had a c-section or is nursing to lay face down safely and comfortably during the massage.



Massage and your Baby



Infant massage is a step beyond cuddling and may be a fun way to provide an emotional and physical link between parent and infant.Baby Massage It’s a way to communicate and convey affection and a sense of security. It can provide the infant relief from daily stress or discomfort from constipation, trapped gas or teething. Massaging babies for up to 15 minutes a day can help to increase circulation, promote relaxation, aid the digestive and respiratory systems, and relieve muscle tension. Infant massage is also a wonderful way for fathers, siblings, grandparents and other caregivers to be involved with the new baby in a loving way that they both can enjoy.

The practice involves a combination of relaxing strokes, light kneading, and gentle squeezing. Johanna is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI®) and is an active member of WINCTM, World Institute for Nurturing Communication.